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Modern Times Booming Roller

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Modern Times Booming Roller

Modern Times Beer in San Diego are purveyors of complex, flavorful and aroma driven beers who specialize in making hybrid beer styles by successfully combining together the characteristics they most like from other of the various established beer categories with the soul aim to create something new.

Booming Roller is an American IPA that showcases the juicy and flavorsome American Citra hop varietal, has knocked it up a gear with the stone fruit characteristics of the New ZealandMotueka, and has then topped that off with the overabundant tropical fruitiness of Centennial. Four malt varietals then give to this ale a delightfully enveloping warmth and pleasing sweetness.

Clear, honey straw in color, it has a fluffy white head, and the fragrant scent is zesty and citrus. Fleshy, juice laden pineapple and orange, honeyed melon, cilantro and pine, with a strong backbone of caramel malt and of course those incredible hops.

Light to medium bodied and with a vigorous carbonation, the taste is all that the nose suggests. Layers and layers of hoppy goodness; dark, earthy dankness to a lush tropical sun-ripened fruit salad all served up with the bready, sweet snappy bitterness of the malts.

In these Modern Times Booming Roller is a party for the mouth - and guess who's invited?