Midnight Sun Panty Peeler 22oz


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Midnight Sun Panty Peeler

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Midnight Sun Panty Peeler

Panty Peeler Tripel

8.5 % Alcohol By Volume
15 International Bittering Units (IBUs)

Free spirited Panty Peeler Tripel pours rambunctiously into your glass, releasing its engaging aroma. Curacao (bitter) orange peel and coriander create a beautiful yet bolder tripel by infusing color, citrus and spice. Belgian yeast adds playful character. Bottle conditioning assures a perfectly heady experience.

Brewed as a Belgian tripel but with American boldness, Panty Peeler is delicious yet spirited. Originally named Extreme Polar White Bier, it got nicknamed "Panty Peeler" along the way. Then we translated it to French for a while: E'pluche-culotte. Now we're back to calling it Panty Peeler and we've kicked up the coriander and orange peel to represent its original design.

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