Midnight Moon Blackberry Moonshine


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Midnight Moon Blackberry Moonshine

Midnight Moon Blackberry Moonshine

Straight from Madison North Carolina’s Piedmont distillery, here is Midnight Moon’s newest flavor: Blackberry. Each batch of the Fruit Inclusions collection is handcrafted from triple distilled American corn, real fruit and all natural goodness. These Fruit Inclusions are ‘basically’ mason jars with a handful of fruit covered with Midnight Moon Corn whiskey; as the fruit soaks in Midnight Moon it will absorb some of the alcohol and give its natural deliciousness and color in the spirit. Nothing else is added. It is just fresh juicy blackberries infused in clean corn whiskey. The blackberry flavor is so up front; it is tart, tangy and filled with real fruitiness carried by good clean corn whiskey. There is not much of a reason to describe it....fresh, ripe blackberries soaked in great, clean corn whiskey; I said it blackberries? Like corn whiskey? Try this for yourself... nice and cold, on ice or mix it up in a tasty adult beverage; it is utterly luscious.

100 Proof