Michael David Petite Petit Sirah 750ml


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Michael David Petite Petit Sirah

Contrary to its name, the Michael David Petite Petit is actually a very full and large bodied wine blended out of Petit Verdot and Petite Sarah. The brand is iconic for its small title, but wine bottles that are huge and much closer in size to the elephants that adorn the labels. It has been aged for 16 years, and the wait is well worth it for the rich taste of blueberry and blackberry at first that is followed by the sharper dense hints of licorice, graphite, and dry black currant.

A very nice aroma of plum, vanilla, lots of spice and a bit of smoke. The wine tastes fruity without being too sweet and even has hints of vanilla and chocolate. With loads of rich, savory fruit, a nice slightly chewy texture and smooth but firm tannins this would make a nice BBQ wine.