Mer Soleil S Barbara Chard 750


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Mer Soleil Reserve Santa Barbara Chardonnay

Mer Soleil Reserve Santa Barbara Chardonnay

Back in 1988 in the Santa Lucia Highlands of Monterey, Chuck Wagner planted his first carefully selected Chardonnay grape vines. Choosing varietals that were to produce low yield but high quality, Wagner set out to create the finest of Californian Chardonnays, rich, complex and well balanced.

Those first vines went on to become a few acres and a vineyard with a single bottling called Mer Soleil which has been named for the never-ending sun that blesses this very special place and for the Pacific Ocean because it has such a massive influence over the areas climatic conditions.

The sea brings with it cool air and fog which protects these precious vines from heat spikes. This allows the grapes to ripen slowly and encourages extraordinarily high quality.

Hand-stirred and fermented in aged French oak barrels for 12-15 months prior to being bottled, the wine is exceptionally creamy in texture, yet lively in nature. Pour the bright golden liquid from bottle to glass and enjoy as it begins to reveal itself delivering opulent aromas. Orchard apples, and juicy peaches, baking spices and tangy Meyer lemons.

Upon taking a sip, your palate is at once treated to a refreshing and vibrant medley of summer fruits. Peaches and D’Anjou pears with delicious layers of tropical bananas and pineapple. The vibrancy of the fruit is balanced with the lush richness and warmth of creamy butterscotch and subtle notes of coconut. Medium to full of body, the French oak barrel influence is present in the rounded and elongated finish.