Mellow Corn Whiskey 100p 750ml


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Mellow Corn Kentucky Straight Whiskey

Mellow Corn Kentucky Straight Whiskey

Corn Whiskey and Moonshine often go hand in hand as it is often told. However the Mellow Corn Whiskey isn’t moonshine even at 100 proof. However, we are looking at a corn whiskey that is available all year long anywhere you are.

The golden color brings the main ingredient of corn to the forefront and a reminder that you are on a ride that can and will take you down or at the least sit you down.

The scents of sweet corn, honey and at times hints of vanilla invite you try a little taste before sharing it among your guests.

The flavors of a mild and ginger spiced balance bring forth the warm spices and sweet vanilla’s, hints of banana.

For a great finish, you can expect a great long finish while still experiencing a bit of heat and peppery spice.