Mcqueen and The Violet Fog Gin


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Mcqueen and The Violet Fog Gin

Mcqueen and The Violet Fog Gin

With risk comes reward. Pour, swirl, close your eyes, inhale. This contains multitudes: an orchard, a forest, an apothecary. Made by maceration and vapor infusion, each small batch is a labor of love.

Dig deeper. We did. A single copper pot still in the hills of Jundiaí, Brazil. Twenty-one different botanicals, including six seldom found in gin: basil, rosemary, fennel seed, calamansi, star anise and açai. Other gins are simple. We flipped the script.

Literally: Few but Good. Quality > quantity. Each batch is distilled and bottled by hand. We don’t make much, but what we make is damn good.