Matusalem 18 Year Gran Reserva Rum 750ml


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Ron Matusalem 18 Year Gran Reserva Rum

Sophisticated, much sought after Matusalem Gran Reserva 18 is solera aged rum with a combined average age of 18 with a satisfying, totally unique character.

In the solera-aging process, rum, stored in oak casks, is stacked in multiple in levels. The oldest rum nestling at the very bottom of the stack. As it is drawn at the age level required for bottling, never more than ⅓ of a cask is pulled, and, once drawn from, no more can be taken from that cask until another 3 months have elapsed. As the liquid is drawn off, it's place in the cask is taken up by younger rum pulled by gravity, cascading downward. It's place is immediately taken by rum from the cask above that. This process continually marries together older and newer rums, whose qualities infuse. The newer rum's fiery temper is gradually softened, at each drop in height, deriving a more refined and genteel smoothness. The flavor profile is gradually built and cannot be found in any other rum.

Equally good on the rocks, Matusalem is tremendous sipped neat. Swirl the dark amber liquid in the balloon of your cognac glass. The bouquet drifts upward, subtly layered there are the fragrances of cherry and apricots laced with dark brown molasses and seductively opulent vanilla . The alluring palate is embedded with vanilla, softened delicately with the smoothness of caramel and molasses. The finish caresses, red summer fruit and oak wood lingering.