G.E. Massenez Poire Williams Prisonniere Pear Brandy


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G.E. Massenez Eaux-De-Vie De Poire Williams Prisonniere

G.E Massenez Poire Williams Pear Brandy is a characteristic bold yet sweet brandy. In the mouth, a very intense floral note gives great freshness. It has an intense fruity note, with an initial perception of fresh fruit overlaid by ripe fruit and marmalade or jam. Very prominent spicy end note with a hint of Liquorice typical of williams pear.

The Prisoner Pear is fascinating due to both its quality of taste and scent, and its pear-shaped bottle, encasing the pear inside.

The bottle is simply placed onto the pear tree when it is flowering... Then the fruit grows inside the bottle until it is ripe, when the fruit and the bottle are delicately picked from the tree.

Pale, brilliant, clear.

Lingering, sharp, exuberant, with beautiful density.

Complex, harmonious, delicate, round. With pleasant notes of fresh fruit. Well balanced, opulent.
A long, flavorsome finish with the taste of fruit.

A rich nose, finesse on the palate, superb.