Manzanita Serenity 12oz


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Manzanita Serenity 12oz

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Manzanita Serenity Barleywine Ale 12oz Bottle, This beer was released at the Manzanita one year anniversary party. Its been sitting in a whiskey barrel for the last year. Pours a heavy brownish caramel in to the glass with a good fuzzy head that disappears quickly. Smell - rich caramel and sweet malts. A touch of vanilla and whiskey from sitting in the barrel. Taste. Very rich with flavors. Lots of thick mouth lacing caramel. It finishes with vanilla and a touch of whskey. Little to no alcohol kick. Overall-its very smooth and the 12% abv is almost non apparent. I find this one to be very good and would like to have another.