Maker's Mark 2021 Limited FAE-02


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The Maker's Mark Bourbon company has been working with the best Bourbon artisans to create a series of innovative barrels for the future. The result is our 2021 Limited Release: FAE-02, a double-heat-treated virgin French Oak barrel staves that undergo an infrared exposure prior to a flame toast, which will be filled with the world's oldest living Bourbon Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky's finest spirits.

Our 2021 expressions took a leap forward with a full year of stave research. FAE-02 staves are French Oak that’s double heat-treated – with infrared, then a flame finish. The infrared creates furans (or caramel flavor). The flame finish balances the caramel with lignin (vanilla.) For FAE-01, we seared one side of the stave – leaving one side raw – extracting different flavors from each side of the wood.


Toasty, sweet oak with caramel and light brown sugar

Texture forward with deep oak notes and spice

Long, balanced, and consistent in texture and tone

Cask Strength (109.1)