Maestro Dobel Silver 750ml


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Maestro Dobel Silver Tequila

Maestro Dobel Silver Tequila

Do you want one of the best--and smoothest--tequilas around? Then you need to try the Maestro Dobel Silver. This tequila has won more gold medals than most Olympians. Not only is it a multi-year award winning brand, but it also focuses on smoothness inside and outside of the bottle. Why go for some high priced water downed brand when you can have the best, smoothest, and potent tequilas known to man. Maestra Dobel Silver, it's what tequila was always meant to be.

Bright and clear with silver touches and an exceptional body that comes from our high-quality agave.

A satisfying mixture of essences that range from sweet , like caramel, honey, and maple, to nutty, with notes of vanilla.

A complex yet perfectly balanced sensation of buttery caramel, cooked agave, olive and dried fruit scents with fruity, floral tones.

An indescribable smoothness with a light finish that leaves you wanting more.