Maestro Dobel 50 Tequila


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Maestro Dobel 50 Tequila

Maestro Dobel 50 Extra Anejo Tequila

Blending the best of what it takes to make great tequila, Maestro Dobel makes the perfect extra anejo tequila for your sipping pleasure. Best-in-class for 100% agave and no additives, this is a premium label that lives up to its promise. There is a natural complexity from using locally farmed Blue Weber Agaves grown on family owned fincas in the highlands of Guadalajara. Every sip washes over your palate with hints of raisin and allspice, lingering with a touch of heat on your tongue. The longer you keep it in the glass, or even better, the longer you savor it in your mouth, the more subtle flavors are revealed making every sip a new experience.

From the very moment you lay eyes on this Extra Añejo tequila, our Maestro Dobel 50, you'll be dazzled by its attention-grabbing sparkles. The design and decoration of this bottle are absolutely breathtaking, with platinum and steel reflecting off a clear cristalino liquid.