Madre Espadin Y Cuishe MEZCAL 750ml


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Madre Espadin Y Cuishe MEZCAL

Madre Espadin Y Cuishe Mezcal

Made by hand in the hills of San Dionisio, Oaxaca by Jose Ines Garcia Morales and Family.

Madre Mezcal from the Espadin and Cuishe agave varieties. These agaves are roasted in an earthen pit, and fermented with local well-water and wild yeast found in the mountain air. Buy Mezcal at the Mezcal SuperStore. Madre has a hint of smoke, with a sweet fragrance.

Madre Mezcal, an artisanal Spirit

This Mezcal is handmade in the valley of Oaxaca, is made with Agave Espadin and Agave Cuishe.

ABV: 45% ABV