Mad River Vanilla Rum 750ml


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Mad River Vanilla Rum

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Mad River Vanilla Rum

Masters of artisan spirits Mad River Distillers at Old Springs Farms in Vermont have produced a to-die-for Vanilla Rum.

Fresh silver rum, diluted to cask strength is poured into stainless steel tanks where it is infused for six weeks with the finest Tahitian Vanilla beans.

The nose is powerfully vanilla, sumptuous and rich, the palate is soft and smooth, sweet and warm.

Mad River Vanilla Rum is exceptional neat, as a shot, but also comes into its own when used to make cocktails. For a refreshing and tart cocktail experience, why not mix up The Rendezvous?

The Rendezvous

2 parts Mad River Vanilla Rum

0.75 parts freshly squeezed lime,

0.5 parts Aperol

and 0.5 parts Grapefruit Simple Syrup

Crushed Ice.

Shake in a cocktail shaker, strain and serve over crushed ice, then garnish with mint or a slice of lime.

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