Mad River Maple Rum 750ml


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Mad River Maple Rum

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Mad River Maple Rum

The girls 'n' boys at Maple River Distillery in the Green Mountains of Vermont, took rum and gave it a fresh, modern American twist when they created their Maple Finished Rum.  

In everything they produce, as far as is humanly possible local resources and craftsmen are employed. They are committed to using quality organic ingredients that are totally pesticide free. All water used in the distilling process comes from their own crystal clear fresh spring well. Where local is impossible, like with their sugars, it originates from fair trade sources in Malawi, in faraway Africa. To further ensure quality, everything that is produced is distilled and bottled right there, in their magical valley site.

The Demerara sugar used in this Maple Rum has created a sensual drink which leaves one in no doubt as to the craft and incredible care involved in its inception. Coaxed and cajoled with lavish attention it has become, in maturity, something exceptional and truly sensational. 

It is velvety smooth, with a complexity that delights the nose, speaking of tropical fruits and delicious sweet butterscotch, hinting of old smokey whiskey. It is rich, substantial, flavorsome, and beautifully balanced. 

We suggest you sip it slow and steady after pouring over a couple of ice cubes, in the old fashioned way. Though truth to tell, it also makes a stunning Maple Mojito too.