Mad River Bourbon Whisky 750ml


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Mad River Bourbon Whisky

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Mad River Bourbon Whisky

Mad River's award winning Bourbon is based on a local Vermont heirloom corn which is organic and non-GMO. This Bourbon is a four-grain spirit with oat and wheat giving it a smoother mouth feel and longer finish.  The Bourbon is aged to perfection in charred oak and finished with purer Vermont water drawn from the Mad River farm. The result is an approachable craft spirit with the character to enhance any cocktail and the flavor and nose to be enjoyed straight up or over the rocks.

Bourbon Whiskey defines the finest in American-made whiskey and Mad River brews only the best. Crafted in small batches with organic ingredients from the lush fields of Vermont, this whiskey alights on your palate with a caramel smoothness. Couple with a hint of spicy it makes for a wonderful sipping whiskey on those chilly fall evenings.

WSWA Spirits Competition Mad River Bourbon received a silver medal.