Mad March Hare Moonshine 750ml


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Mad March Hare Small Batch Irish Poitin

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Mad March Hare Small Batch Irish Poitin

Once a backwoods out of the way tradition, moonshine is bought and sold over the counter now. A legal commodity that is taxed to gills and eagerly sought out by those whose thirst cannot be quenched fast enough. The law in those areas still don’t buy it that way, I sure as day tell you that. At least that there would probably be my opinion.

The alcohol sure ain’t what it used to be, much lower, and prettier smelling too. That there water comes from the taps instead of the creeks that ran purer than pure could ever be. The mash, well that’s about the only thing that may still be the same. That there and the propane we used to heat ole glory herself with. But enough about those yesteryear stories lets get onto the Mad March Hare Moonshine and see what that’s all about, maybe we’ll taste that and find something new to like after all

An Irish tradition that closely and famously resembles the American Moonshine history, Mad March Hare Whiskey/Moonshine took to the backwoods and other hidden ways in 1661. In all rights, truths and concepts, they are the oldest in underground copper pot distillation. Could it be possible that the migrating Irish brought the recipe to the state with them when they came here and that is how we really got our backwoods moonshine going one? One may never know the real truth but it is certainly a plausible one to think about.

Mad March Hare Moonshine takes on the malted barley and distills it to a perfectly rick, complex yet smooth spirit, one that we would call “shine”.

Rated at 80 proof, it still carries that Irish kick that only an Irish gent could hold up a stool too. The Irish bring with it the history, ancient craftsmanship, centuries old recipe, versatility and premium poitin along with the Mad March Hare along to the fellow American to dabble with as they grow accustomed to at anytime.

Well now, ain't that just something to talk about and try! An Irishmen I am through and through yet I knew nothing about where my shine may have come from to begin with.

Poitin was traditionally produced in remote and rural farming areas of Ireland, popularly distilled using potatoes.

Though home distillation of the spirit was made illegal in 1661, production of Poitin continued underground, commonly taking advantage of windy, rainy weather to hide the smoke that came as a result of heating the stills.

“Poitin plays a large role in the history of Irish spirits with an underground local distilling tradition similar to that of American Moonshine,”