Macallan Rare Cask 750ml


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Macallan Rare Cask Single Malt Scotch

Macallen Rare Cask Scotch Whiskey

Arguably the best vintage single malt ever released, this world renowned whiskey from the Scottish Highlands fetches world record prices at auction and in private sales. A collectors favorite, only a few bottles are released each year.

Macallen Rare Cask whiskey, from Macallen's limited edition Fine & Rare range is rich and heady, full bodied and viscous, an oily whiskey naturally colored in various tones of amber.

Your palate will delight in smokey peat and rich fruits. Its ageing in Spanish and American sherry and bourbon seasoned oak casks which add flavourful aromas. You will enjoy its light woodiness with a hint of vanilla and sweet citrus.