Louis Jadot Macon Chard 750ml


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Louis Jadot Macon Chardonnay

Louis Jadot Macon Chardonnay

Macon Villages Chardonnay, The wine is pale in color very mild on the nose. On the mid pallet are some very subtle chard flavors with little to no oak present and alcohol well under control. This is not really a fruit forward wine either. This would be in the milder side of a Chablis style French chard. The finish is on the lighter side with not a whole lot living on in the mouth. I paired it with smoked Salmon and it went ok but not really a good match. I did try the wine it’s own before and after and it did not change my thoughts. I also let it warm up and that also did not change it a whole lot. All in all this is a very mild wine which may or may not be to your tastes. For me there is not enough going on to justify the price. I would give it an 87. I won’t be rushing out for more of this one for sure.