Lost Abbey Deliverance Ale 375


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Lost Abbey Deliverance Ale

Lost Abbey Deliverance Ale

A blend of bourbon barrel-aged Serpent’s Stout and brandy barrel-aged Angels Share, Deliverance is the epic battle being waged between heaven and hell for the souls of mortal men… and your enjoyment in a glass.

Aroma – The expressive fight for souls on earth begins with molasses and raisins clashing for supremacy. There’s a struggle between licorice and caramel to see which will support with a dash of cocoa exuding as well.

Taste – A lively beer on the palette wrestling in a tug of war of sorts for your affection. At first there is booze. Then there are figgy notes with a rum edge that almost develops were it not for the bakers chocolate and bitterness that are somehow crushed by the long wave of ethanol numbing your receptors. Clearly this is not a beer for the faint of heart or weakened souls. This is fortuitous beer to accompany you on your journey to heaven or hell should you be delivered.

  • Color – Rustic brown with auburn highlights
  • OG – Unknown
  • Finish – Warming like a roaring fire after the third log has been placed in the hearth.
  • Body – Medium with a decidedly silky and captivating inviting finish.
  • ABV – 12.5%
  • Hops – German Magnum

Suggested serving temperature: 48-55 F

Suggested food pairings: Is it wine? No, it’s beer silly! And damn interesting beer at that!
Should you too find yourself being delivered, we think this is exactly the sort of beer you would want to have at your side.

Beeradvocate = 95
ratebeer = 100