Lost Abbey Carnevale Ale 750ml


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Lost Abbey Carnevale Ale

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Lost Abbey Carnevale

Is a dry hopped saison ale sporting a hazy yellow color and moderately spicy nose with hints of oranges and tangerines from Amarillo and Simcoe hops. The yeast phenols add layers of clove and allspice. The beer is designed to be a lighter body ale with some malted oats and wheat components and dry hopped with Amarillo to emphasize the bright citric qualities.

OG: 1.052 | FG: 1.012 | ABV: 6.5%
Body:A light to medium bodies beer with some silkiness from the oats.
Color: A glowing, hazy yellow like the color of a proper Mimosa
Suggested serving temperature: 45 – 52F
Suggested glass: Any type of glass that places an emphasis on the hop and yeast qualities
Availability: Seasonal Lent Release

Beeradvocate = 90
ratebeer = 98


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