Locations F French Red 750ml


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Locations F French Red Wine

Locations F French Red Wine

Locations F French Red Wine nose reveals compelling perfumed aromas of ripe cherry, a brandy made from fermented cherry juice, blackberry preserve, lavender, and subtle spice notes. The palate is treated to persuasive and distinctive flavors of strawberry compote, crushed plum, mocha, and tea. It leaves a silky feeling in a mouth and it gives way to notes of black tea, roasted fig, and juicy acidity. The finish is dark fruits and an attractive mineral tone. There are a great variety of foods to serve with F French Red.

If a food is needed to serve with this red wine, there are a lot of them to choose from. When a meat is needed to serve with this marvelous wine, there are many to choose from. They include black pepper steak, roast pork, filet mignon, beef brisket, buffalo burgers, and chicken livers. Other meats that go well with French Red are pot roast, venison, duck, goose, and dark meat turkey. If a cheese is needed to eat with this wine, then Ossau Iraty, Basque, Manchego, Swiss, Comte, White Cheddar, Provolone, and Pepper Jack are good cheese choices. Herbs and spices that will bring out the flavor in this wine are black and white pepper, oregano, rosemary, mustard seed, cumin, coriander seed, and anise. Vegetables that will taste great with this wine are roast potatoes, lentils, mushrooms, onions, green onions, green bean casserole, and chestnuts. These food options will make any meal that is served with this wine out-of-this-world