Lillet Aperitif Rose 750ml


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Lillet Aperitif Rose

Lillet Aperitif Rose

Lillet Rose Aperitif Blanc is a combination of classic red and white Grand Cru Bordeaux with orange liqueurs and fruit liqueurs that come from Southwestern France. It is a fruity aperitif with notes of berries, melon, and wildflower. There are many foods that will pair well with this wine, including meat.

The meats that go well with this wine are meats that are rich in spices and are of Italian origins, like pancetta and prosciutto. This wine can also be paired with cooked and seasoned Italian sausage or thin slices of baked ham on top of a toasted baguette. If a leaner meat is needed to pair with this wine, chicken slices and seafood items like crab, mahi-mahi, grilled tuna, or smoked trout. There is also some cheeses that pair well with this wine.

Cheese and wine are often paired together as a special treat. This wine goes well with cream-style cheeses like Fromage blanc and cottage cheese. If a hard cheese is needed, then Asiago and Parmesan are good choices that can be baked on hard bread or just eaten by itself with the wine. Semi-hard and soft cheeses like fontina, Swiss, Brie, and Camembert, are well-liked choices and can be served with biscuits, summer sausage, or pieces of bread. For a light snack, this wine does go well with some fruits and vegetables.

For a light snack, this wine can be served with fruits and vegetables. A salad with leafy greens, avocados, fresh tomatoes, carrots, and tofu can be eaten with this wine. Other ideas to serve with this wine are stuffed, baked bell peppers, baked sweet potatoes, and red cabbage. Some fruits that will go well with this wine are apples, fresh berries, and peaches. They can be a side dish or healthy dessert served with this wine. Lastly, there are foreign foods that pair well with this wine.

There are a lot of different types of foreign cuisine that pair well with this wine. Some Asian-style dishes that will go well with this wine are Chinese barbecued pork, chow fun, and egg rolls. Mexican foods like chips and salsa, chicken enchiladas, and chicken tamales also pair well with this wine. Indian food like samosas, pakoras, and tandoori chicken or fish is also an acceptable accompaniment for this wine.

Rose wine already has a good flavor and when these foods are paired with it and become very appetizing, is a combination that is absolutely amazing. They make the perfect combination for a complete meal.