Liefmans Cuvee - Brut 750ml


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Liefmans Cuvee - Brut 750ml

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Liefmans Cuvee-Brut Malt Beverage with natural flavors. Pours an enticing dark crimson with a bit of a purplish tint. Thin light tan head forms up and persists through. A bit of spotty lacing forms on the walls of the skinny tulip. Good collar throughout, along with some persistent foam. Creamy oak along with a nice acetic bite which follows up on the woody notes. Beneath the acid lies a mixture of sour cherries and a few other darks fruits, most notably red plum. Smooth and mellow, the acid, fruit, and wood all play well together. The flavor is mildly puckering and tannic from the start. Berries blossom more and more as it warms. Plum and light oxidized malt character lingers in the background. Acetic acid takes the reigns here. Good smooth and creamy body that coats the palate and lingers after a fairly-full, yet still acidic, finish. All around, an extremely well crafted brew.