Leopold's Gin No. 25


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Leopold's Gin No. 25

Prepare to confront a gin as layered and complex as the human soul—welcome to Leopold's Gin No. 25. This is a gin that questions what it means to be a gin, challenging your perceptions at every turn. Just as there is more to the world than meets the eye, each sip promises initial notes of juniper that give way to deeper undercurrents of citrus and exotic spices.

It’s a veritable soliloquy of flavors that question and challenge, forcing you to reconsider what you know about this classic spirit. Crafted with a masterful blend of botanicals, it presents a duality of being—both familiar and enigmatic. Will it be the hero or the ghost at your next cocktail party? That is the question.


In addition to the citrus, we finish the Gin with earthy and savory notes using Orris Root, Juniper, Sri Lankan White Pepper, and South African Rooibos Tea.