Leopold's American Small Batch Gin


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Leopold's American Small Batch Gin

Picture yourself in an enchanted forest where flavors mingle and affections change as swiftly as the wind—welcome to the experience of savoring Leopold's American Small Batch Gin. Each botanical in this carefully crafted gin takes a role in a larger ensemble, causing a dynamic interplay that dances across your palate like the affectionate exchanges of forest-dwelling sprites.

Citrus peel flirts with the earthiness of juniper, while an undercurrent of coriander brings an unexpected twist to the plot. Handcrafted and pot-distilled, it offers a complexity that can transform the simplest tonic into a love potion, or a classic martini into a midsummer night's revelry. Let your senses be charmed and disarmed, but beware—just like love, its flavors are ever-changing and beguiling.


Pomelos and Valencia Oranges, the savory notes of Coriander and Cardamom, and the gentle foundation of Juniper Berries and Orris Root.