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Laphroaig Cairdeas (La-Frorg Cardis)

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Laphroaig Cairdeas (La-Frorg Cardis)

Cairdeas is a Gaelic word which means fellowship and at Laphroaig fellowship and community are our origins and our success.

Laphroaig make the worlds most richly flavored whisky, but 200 years ago, we were a farm.

The full story has been lost in the mists of time, but we raised cattle. There are long hard winters in the isle of Islay in Scotland and over the long winter months the cattle would be fed with barley.

Being farmers, back in the 1800’s, though it was illegal, surplus of barley was used to distill whisky. A nod and a wink to the right person would assure you of supply. Word got around and by 1815 whiskey had become more profitably than cattle, and a licensed distillery was opened. The same one we in use today.

Because Laphroaig’s history is one that is rich with community, a group of tough and determined people who, over many generations have worked hard, to ensure this defining whisky remained true to its origins, an annual release whiskey was produced and named Cairdeas, which celebrated the fellowship, friendship and community upon which Laphroaig’s success lies.

Cairdeas 2014 has been double matured. During its first fill it rested in ex-makers mark bourbon casks. Then decanted into 63 gallon Amontillado hogsheads for a further year where the whiskey has taken on a rich burnt-orange coloration.

Caiedeas 2014 has an incredibly intricate aroma and taste. It starts friable and crumbly, with hints of cinnamon spice. Then a distinctive and mouthwatering zesty lemon takes over, followed by earthy dark fruits, figs and dates. Then it becomes nutty and creamy with Brazil nuts.

This remarkable complexity changes again, introducing elements of carbolic soap before finally finishing with a delicious, lingering salted liquorice note.