Lagavulin 12yr Limited 750ml


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Lagavulin Limited Edition 12 Year

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Lagavulin Limited Edition 12 Year

1816 - 2016

2017 #4 • Lagavulin 12 year old

This special limited edition is the 12th in the highly esteemed annual Diageo Special Release Programme's strong peat flavors are derived from the peated malt, slow distillation, and long maturation period as the spirit rests in American Oak Casks. Roused after 12 years, it is bottled at natural cask strength and appears a pale greenish gold with a nose that is at first soft and beguiling, nutty with a hint of lemon citrus, before developing and introducing robust wood smoke, mossy peat and soot. It has a medium body, with a surprisingly big palate, exceptionally well balanced, smooth and vibrant. Citrus comes first, intertwined with bitter-sweet cocoa, and herbals, seaweed, pine, dry ash and full on barbecued flavors. The finish is long, warming and oily. Chocolate sweet and deliciously smokey.

Nestled in Scotland's Whiskey Isle, Islay, Lagavulin (pronounced La-ga-voolin) distillery dates officially from 1816, though records show that as far back at 1742, illicit distilling was occurring on that very site.