La Trappe Quadrupel 11.2oz


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La Trappe Quadrupel 11.2oz

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La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged 10° Trappist Ale 11.2oz A unique Trappist beer that is even put to rest sorted by year in the cellars of the abbey for further fermentation. The strongest beer of La Trappe with a beautiful amber colour. The warm taste is full and well-balanced. A little bit sweet and pleasantly bitter. La Trappe Quadruple is also fermented in oak barrels. Since recently, we also age La Trappe Quadrupel in oak barrels. This gives the oak-aged Trappist beer an even fuller taste with a special wooded scent, which is comparable to wood-aged red wine. 10% vol. alc., pouring temperature 10-14 ºC