Kraken Black Spiced 70 Proof Rum


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The Kraken Black Spiced 70 Proof Rum

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The Kraken Black Spiced 70 Proof Rum

The Kraken Black 70 Proof Spiced Rum holds at least 11 secrets of the Caribean, and they come in the form of the spices within its rum. The bottle may be designed in a jugular fashion making it is easy to carry, sip and mix, just do not get confused and think that it is all about the looks. The taste is as sweet, smooth and sophisticated as the look.

Within the depths of it velvety black rum waves, the secrets of Caribbean lay hidden, awaiting the right glass and choice only you can make. Will it be sipping straight, Kracking Cola or perhaps you have gone off the deep end with a whole other experience, you let us know….