Koval Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


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Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Still what many would consider being a new distillery only opening in 2008, Koval’s is located in Chicago’s once famous bootlegging state. Being the first legal distillery since prohibition should account for some famed sense of accomplishment on their end but it may just account for some strict sense of expectations as well.

Appearance- The sweet, tasty and fascinating look of delicious caramel

Nose – No average bourbon, the spices of pepper basil are folded with the hints of sweet/smell of gingerbread- butter cinnamon nutmeg herbal and spicy without the rye

Palate- Tropical, tart but Sweet, warm dried fruit notes of vanilla light to mild spices with hints of char

Finish – Sweet holding tropical tastes of banana bread- short but with lingering spices

It is a young Bourbon Whiskey that leaves out the traditional rye or wheat and instead uses millet with a 51% corn base. Of course, it will take getting used to for traditional bourbon users, and there will be those who will always refuse it. It deserves a try with an open mind. Forget about a harsh review with one who only prefers a certain base. The whiskey is a baby in a single barrel.