Komos Extra Anejo Tequila


Komos Extra Anejo Tequila

Komos Extra Añejo Tequila

Komos Extra Añejo Tequila is the first 100-point tequila ever awarded by Tasting Panel. Extra smooth and full bodied, with a unique sweetness, this rare tequila has been aged for 2 years in French oak barrels. The combination of aged white agave and oak flavors create a complex spirit with hints of tobacco and caramel, as well as notes from its 8 month repose in new American oak barrels.

With a lush, fruity bouquet and smooth, rounded palate, Komos Extra Anejo is the first and only 100-point tequila in Tasting Panel's history. Impressively balanced, this extra añejo tequila features notes of sweet toffee and oak with a honeyed finish.


Bursting with notes of dried orange peels, candied ginger, and toasted pecans.