Koloa Kaua`i White Rum 750ml


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Koloa Kaua`i White Hawai'i Rum

Koloa Kaua`i White Hawai'i Rum

Koloa Kaua’i White Rum is made from the finest ingredients found in the islands of Hawaii. Twice distilled using the purest waters from Kaua’i and made in single batches, it’s delightfully fragrant with crisp flavors of oak, licorice, and toasted sugar. The finish is clean and fruity with pineapple being the star of this premium rum.


Crystalline and brilliantly clear with a profound and cloying viscosity on the glass.

Very clean upon the first try leading into subsequent passes across the nose that open up to light pikake, white cotton candy and Meyer Lemon pith with a hint of fresh Kalamansi.

Taste and Finish
The cloying on the glass translates nicely to an upfront cotton candy and very smooth rich, yet dry, raw sugar finish with hints of marzipan and a dash of dried candied ginger.