Koloa Kaua`i Gold Rum 750ml


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Koloa Kaua`i Gold Hawaii Rum

Koloa Kaua`i Gold Hawaii Rum

Koloa Rum has used the "tall cane" of Kaua'i to produce a premium product in the Kaua'i Gold Rum. As stated in its name, it comes in a beautiful shade of brilliant gold, which catches the eyes even as the combined smell of molasses, vanilla, and candied apple lulls the nose, serving to build anticipation for its sweet, burnt sugar taste.


A vibrant, golden hued rum with a wonderful and surprisingly deep viscosity on the glass. Shimmering, light golden legs run slowly and deliberately down the inside of the glass.

Initially starts off a rich caramel with wafts of butter toffee, light hints of amaretto and freshly roasted macadamia nuts.

Taste and Finish
This soft, candy-like gold rum presents itself boldly with no pretenses other than being a good-tasting gold rum. The mouth feel is viscous with an upfront caramel blast that finishes with vanilla, light macadamia nut brittle and toasted almond.