Koloa Kaua`i Dark Rum


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Koloa Kaua`i Dark Rum

Koloa Kaua'i Dark Rum

The recipient of a number of awards in San Francisco and Miami, Koloa Kaua’I Dark Rum is easily distinguishable from other rums. It’s got a rich coffee and molasses hue and coffee and brown sugar flavor. It also has sweet notes reminiscent of the county fair including vanilla, cotton candy, caramel apple, roasted nuts, and burnt orange peel. The finish is long with wood and toast being its final flavors.


This dark rum is a genuinely deep chocolate brown that rolls with a cloying viscosity around the glass, developing into thick, slowly rolling light black coffee colored legs.

Kōloa Dark Rum has a robustly vanilla nose that envelopes the perimeter of the glass, upon further and closer whiffs of this aromatic vanilla behemoth subtler notes of dark semi-sweet chocolate, fresh brewed espresso and chocolate cupcakes arrive to round out the olfactory experience.

Taste and Finish
This vanilla-driven dark rum sings from the nose to the glass exactly. It presents itself with robust flavors of vanilla, dark semi-sweet chocolate and lightly finishes with espresso, all encompassed within a dry, highly flavorful dark rum.