Kiss Detroit Rock Rum


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KISS Detroit Rock Rum

KISS Detroit Rock Rum

Hey there, you! Yeah, you. We're talking to you. We've got something to say, and we really hope you're listening.

We love Detroit. And we're gonna keep rocking it, just like the song says—you know the one we mean. That's why our new rum is called 'Kiss Detroit Rock'. It's a premium rum that lives up to the legacy of its namesake. We use only the finest Dominican rum casks aged between 8 and 15 years, and 45% strength so your mouth doesn't feel like the devil after drinking it.

It's not just the flavor that sets this rum apart—it's also the bottle! We know how hard it is to find space in your kitchen cabinets for all those wine bottles and liquor bottles from before you were cool, but we made sure Kiss Detroit Rock fits on any shelf. It's compact and beautiful with a sleek design that makes a statement about who you are as a person: someone who loves great-tasting liquor with a beautiful bottle AND Detroit rock music!

Nuanced spice, distinct oak character with tones of arrack, dried figs, sultanas, brown sugar and chocolate.

Initial restrained sweetness, builds with notes of arrack, dark chocolate, apricot, dried figs, nuts, butterscotch and orange.

Clear barrel character and a little sweetness, very well rounded and full bodied.