Kiss Cold Gin


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KISS Cold Gin

KISS Cold Gin

KISS Cold Gin is the perfect way to channel your inner rock star. Inspired by the vibrant streets of New York City and the iconic 1974 rock hit, KISS Cold Gin is the ultimate tribute to the hometown of the hottest band in the world.

Since its release, not only has five-times-distilled KISS Cold Gin rocked onto the home spirits shelves of hardcore KISS fans, but it has already been awarded two medals for quality. Whether you're a rocker or a gin-lover, it's Cold Gin time again as the famous lyrics say - "It's time to leave and get another quart, around the corner at the liquor store".

You don't have to be a rocker to enjoy KISS Cold Gin. In fact, if you're just a gin-lover, you'll love it too!

That's because KISS Cold Gin is five times distilled for quality.