Kim Crawford Pinot Noir 750ml


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Kim Crawford Pinot Noir South Island New Zealand

Kim Crawford Pinot Noir

South Island New Zealand

The Kim Crawford Pinot Noir brings glasses clings together around the world once again with a robust a fruity dry red wine. The Pinot Noir maintains a 13.5% alcohol.

Nose: Cherries, black currants and blackberries, with hints of vanilla and spices and black cherries very earthy aroma that almost wants to pull you in

Palate: The fantastic combination of the acidity, red currants, cherry and fruits work nicely with the mid-palate oak and spice combination. It is a nice solid choice.

Finish: long and smooth, vanilla and fruit finish

Overall: The Kim Crawford Pinot Noir never fails to serve up a pleasing bottle that goes perfectly with the evening’s offerings and the Kim Crawford Pinot Noir proves to be no different. Whether you decide to lay out the linens or serve up the paper plates, there is a meal fit for a king that a glass of Pinot Noir would complement very nice.

Dishes: Salmon, salmon ceviche, roast breast of duck
Venison, pulled-pork sandwiches, roasted chicken, pork tenderloin