Kim Crawford Pinot Gris 750ml


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Kim Crawford Pinot Gris

Kim Crawford Pinot Gris Marlborough

The Kim Crawford Pinot Gris is a masterpiece. The beauty of the grape has not been lost in the development of its elegant and fine presentation. Light, fresh, and inviting, it remains as welcoming upon the first pop of the cork as it does on the last pour.

Nose: Fresh Pears, melon, honey and spices fresh and lively

Palate: Fresh, crisp, tropical fruits full whole body mouthfeel

Finish: Dry and lingering

While the Kim Crawford Pinot Gris can be shared anytime, if you choose to make a dinner of the occasion, it is an excellent choice to accompany antipasto, fresh seafood, or Southeast Asian cuisine.

Step up your next event or celebration with the elegance or grace with Kim Crawford Pinot Gris. It is the perfect choice for wedding, christening or other formal gatherings.