Kilchoman Small Batch No 8 Port Cask Scotch Whisky


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Kilchoman Machir Bay Scotch Whisky

Experience the unparalleled allure of the Kilchoman Small Batch No 8, a meticulously crafted Port Cask matured Scotch whisky. Originating from Islay's farm distillery, this limited edition elixir is a symphony of complex flavors, bearing the unmistakable touch of port wine casks. Each sip reveals a harmonious blend of rich dried fruits, lingering smoky notes, and a whisper of dark chocolate.

Matured with precision and embodying the true essence of traditional Scottish craftsmanship, the Kilchoman Small Batch No 8 is not just a drink, but a journey. Perfect for collectors, connoisseurs, and those seeking an authentic, sophisticated sipping experience. Secure your bottle of this rare gem today and savor the taste of Scotland's finest.


On the nose there is a bouquet of floral, fragrant citrus sweetness. The palate is packed with waves of red fruits, vanilla, and spices with briny peat smoke and rich dried fruits on the finish.