Jura Superstition w/16yr 750ml


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Isle Of Jura Superstition Scotch w/16 Year 50ml

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Isle Of Jura Superstition Scotch w/16 Year 50ml

Jura Superstition 750ml with 16 year 50ml is a lightly peated gift box scotch that will take one for a ride if they are not gentleman enough to sip and not splash. The sweetness comes with an experienced and open minded nose that can not only smell but feel its sweet and creamy scents.

With a high quality scotch, the mere scent of its creaminess should carry the same forward in its flavors and the Jura Superstition w/16yr never disappoints the palate. The dessert like cream flavors brings with a bit of spice and smokiness. Together, they are working to create a scotch that must be hidden when not at home.

Surely intended because it is after all a 16yr Jura Superstition, the craftsmanship shows an explosive blend of wonderful ingredients, flavors and scents that all work together. It is a long smooth ride with an equally impressive finish.