Jura 16yr Diurachs' Own 750ml


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Jura 16 Year Diurachs' Own

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Jura 16 Year Diurachs' Own

Jura 16yr Diurachs' Own A Christmas season favorite and quite hard to find any other time of the year, this scotch takes this special time of the year and turns on the warm and flow of the bottle after each supper. You will often find this desirable scotch released along the Advent Calendar Days selections.

The rich scent carries sweet fruits, nuts, vanilla, and oak before they blend for a final scent of a creamy marzipan. With a scotch scent depth as delicious and mindful as that, you may want to have the next bottle in the cabinet already as one scotch drinker reported it being able to “drink itself”.

The real gifts come within the smooth, rich and full bodies’ taste of the scotch itself. The truth of the nose reveals itself within the flavors. The spices, vanilla, mixed nuts, orange and cherry fruits come through with shining and favourable results.

For a supreme and appropriate ending, the Jura 16yr Diurachs' Own brings balance and a full complexity circle with a medium to long finish that leave reminders with subtle hints of sweet but mild chocolate.