Junipero Gin 750ml


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Junipero Gin

Junipero American Gin

Craving to be unique? This is your gin. Born in San Francisco and made by hand, Junipero proudly continues a long tradition of breaking with convention, elevating the traditional juniper & citrus flavors by distilling each batch in small copper pot stills and bottling at an unfiltered 98.6 proof. The result is a soft, aromatic spirit with a hint of spice that nods toward its origins while leaving behind convention.

Celebrate an American classic with Junipero Gin. First crafted in 1996, Junipero is hand-made in the proud London gin tradition, and is widely regarded as American's finest craft gin. With botanical overtones and a smooth, crisp taste, Junipero Gin mixes into a mean martini or can be sipped alongside fish and chips or pâté en terrine.


Strong juniper core. Crisp and clean with bright citrus notes and herbal complexity.

Big structure with juniper at the forefront that opens up and reveals its full complexity in the finish with notes of lemon peel, cardamom and lemongrass.