Julian Black & Blue 22oz


Julian Hard Cider Black & Blue

Julian Black & Blue Cider

Hard Cider was the undisputed champion of working-class Americans from the founding of the colonies until the Industrial Revolution. Now it's making a 21st Century comback!

Ladies and Gentleman, making it's professional debut and weighing in at a lean and trim 22oz, Julian Hard Cider challenges you to go a few rounds with our newest contender...Black & Blue!

Driven by the passion to create delicious, high-quality craft ciders, Julian Hard Cider has artfully blended our 100% natural, fresh-pressed, hard apple cider with the juice of American-Grown and sustainably farmed BLACKBERRIES & BLUEBERRIES.

At JHC we feel that the best experiences are those that are shared, so we invite you to relax and enjoy our smooth, sessionable, craft cider with friends and family.  But don't let your gaurd down...With a 6.99% ABV, Black & Blue could knock you out! Cheers!

ABV: 6.99%