Johnnie Walker Red 750ml


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Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch

Johnnie Walker Red Label

What you have here is Johnnie Walker Red Label, The World's Best Selling Scotch Whisky. Johnnie Walker Red is a blended scotch. In order to create a blended scotch that is as good as Johnnie Walker, the master distiller must know exactly what he is doing. Blending is in part a science, and an art, and if you got it, you get something that is renowned and bold as Johnnie Walker.

This flavor has never been compromised, all of the malts are from Scotland, making Johnnie Walker Red Label the world's favorite whisky, this brand has defined whisky all around the world.


Fresh citrus fruitiness.

Bursts of black pepper and cinnamon.

A long, lingering smoky finish.