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John E Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve 20 Year

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John E Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve 20 Year

375 ML

Lovers of history and whisky will forever find themselves searching for more information and quantities of 20 year Old Fitzgerald after these 3,000 (375ml) disappear from the shelves. The glory and fanciness of the packaging of the armoire style cabinet box reminiscent of the Victorian era days of being under lock and key makes for an extraordinary display piece for collectors of all things valuable, priceless and extremely rare.

With a supreme deep amber color that is clearly seen in the beautiful and elegant top shelf quality decanter one’s mouth begins to water at its first glance.

The tantalizing scents that waft from the bottle as soon as the work is popped begin love that is never ending. The initial scents that rise to meet you induce a southern sweetness of buttery goodness enveloped in honey, vanillas, caramels, and a tad bit of oak. It is the scents of heaven that make the nose want and beg for the taste to not only equal the fantastic and surprising balance but to also rise far beyond it.

Once the actual tasting ensues, the reality of the experience as a whole becomes a complete game changer. The scents pair down and become a subtler tone and provide a warmer tone. The gentle nature of the vanilla and chocolate blend well with hints of honey for a unique and interesting mix of nose and taste meddling. Surprising introduction of cinnamon takes precedence and heats things up a bit.

Taking the vanilla right through to the end, they make it a long lasting finish. While it was never a prominent component, one has to wonder why they would not think it wasn’t if it was noted in every aspect. It was one thing experienced, noted and hinted at in every area from beginning to end.

Historical, prominent and one for the records --- Old Fitzgerald 20 Year—Still holding the Pappy Van Winkle name in the here and now