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Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece PX

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Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece PX


When Jim Beam Distillery release a limited edition expression of their incredible Jim Beam Bourbon it's an occasion in itself. Distiller's Masterpiece PX is one such limited edition; the third in the Masterpiece collection, the first to be released in over a decade.

It's an extra-aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon crafted under the direction of Master Distiller Fred Noe, himself a 7th generation Master Distiller and Jim Beam' Great-Grandson. This rare and beautiful spirit has been carefully finished in casks that once contained delicious, award winning Pedro Ximenez Sherry that comes from the esteemed house of Fernando de Castilla.

Noe knew that these casks would offer a new and dynamic twist and, taking some of the most precious and exclusive high quality Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon stock, he transferred it into these 'hard to come by' PX casks before they were hand rolled to the prime position within the rick-house. Here, it has been tended with care, left to extra-age and to develop an even smoother, more full-bodied and intricate character.

Bottled at 100% proof, the aroma speaks clearly of its alcohol content, earthy and woody, and delightfully smokey there are ribbons of sweet citrus running through. The sweet orange citrus continues to shine at the front as you take your first cherished sip.

Holding it in your mouth, the flavor develops as it rolls over the tongue. Luxuriant vanilla, nutmeg and the warmth of baking spices combine beautifully with the rich fruit-laden sweetness of the sherry. Smooth as silk it gently caresses the throat,stroking it from within, luscious, warm and dry.

Back in April 2013, it was released just in time for Kentucky's racing season. Presented in luxury wooden boxes you had to go to Kentucky and visit the distillery just to get your hands on one. However, things have changed. Now the discerning bourbon collector and connoisseur does not need to head off to Kentucky; instead you can relax and purchase it directly from us at Quality Liquor Store.