Jim Beam Craft Red Wheat 375ml


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Jim Beam Signature Craft Soft Red Wheat

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Jim Beam Signature Craft Soft Red Wheat


Some time ago some of Jim Beam's distillers wanted to try something new, a little radical, that along with the corn also used grains. They chose grains that were a little obscure wanting to try experimental non traditional recipes.

Those crafty and innovative distillers are mainly now retired. They left these barrels, long forgotten and untouched for years. However, current master distiller, Fred Noe rediscovered these long lost barrels and dusting them off, decided to sample them. What he found was remarkable. Although we are told, a fair few did not make the grade, he was overjoyed to discover six delicious bourbons that Jim Beam are now sharing with us whiskey lovers as ultra rare, and very special editions.

Jim Beam Signature Craft Soft Red Wheat is one of two released in 2014. It is a light and approachable bourbon that has aged for the past 11 years. Best enjoyed neat and straight, or on the rocks if you prefer you will enjoy immensely it's delicate aroma. It has soft mildly oaky tones. To the palate there is a hint of spice and a delightful sweetness that clings, lingering with you.

Four more will follow in this Signature Craft Harvest Collection. They will be released in 2015. Whilst we must wait and look forward to them until then, we can enjoy Signature Craft Soft Red Wheat.

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