Jim Beam Craft Brown Rice 375m


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Jim Beam Craft Signature Brown Rice

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Jim Beam Craft Signature Brown Rice


Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Collection are a rare and unique range of six bourbon whiskeys, the result of long forgotten experimentation, which blended unusual grains along with corn, and which were cooked with recipes that veered away from tradition.

The avant-gard distillers responsible for these innovative spirits are enjoying a well deserved retirement. And, as the years whiled away, these bourbons have been slowly aging, tucked away in the Jim Beam rack house. That is until they were rediscovered and sampled by current master distiller Fred Noe.

Although some barrels have not made the grade, others delighted, containing some high quality, very rare amber nectar in six distinct varieties. In 2015 four more will be released, but for now we have been given the delights of two. One, Soft Red Wheat and the other, here, is Signature Craft Brown Rice.

Jim Beam Signature Brown Rice has been resting in oak casks for 11 years. The blend with corn and grains of grown rice has created a bourbon that is rich Amber in color, the aroma is rich with spices, and sweet potatoes. To the palate it is sweet and mellow, sensuously soft and full bodied, with notes of rich vanilla, grains that have been toasted, and dark brown sugar. Neat or over ice, it is one that will stick around, lingering at the finish, asking to be savored. Go on, pour another glass.